Spring 2019 Evangelism

This Spring semester we have made it a goal to share the Gospel 1000 times. This number itself isn't important, but simply a way to motivate us to keep doing something we believe is important -- sharing the good news of Jesus with those around us.


Below is a form for helping us keep track of how we're doing in reaching our goal.  There, you can also find staff contact info for each weekday. Feel free to reach out to us for help in sharing the Gospel (even outside of these specific "office hours").

The Bridge Illustration

The Bridge Illustration is a classic Navigators evangelism tool. Brush up on the full Bridge and the One Verse Bridge here:

Bridge-to-Life Illustration

One Verse Bridge

Below is a video walkthrough of the Bridge Illustration by OU Campus Director, Bryce Bouchard.

Other App-based Tools

Solarium (image-based sharing)

Three Circles Illustration

Perspective Cards


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