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Timothy Team

Timothy Team is a group discipleship time that will meet once a week for the fall semester. The Goal is to build us up as disciples of Jesus. We will focus on Gospel Identity, our personal walks with Jesus, and how to help others  know/walk with Jesus. TTeam will start after Labor day. If you are interested just fill out the application below.



Thursdays - 7:30pm
Student Union French Lounge (SU 270, above Chick-fil-a)

Every Thursday, we meet as a group in the Student Union. Our NavNights consists of a fun game, a short teaching from the word, and a time to study the bible with a small group of students. After NavNite we go do fun things together that alternate from food, games, sports, and more. 


Group Getaways/Events

Every year, students agree that the best way to get connected is by coming to our getaways and events. Jump in and join the fun!

Upcoming events:

Wednesday, Aug 11th: Frisbee on Library Lawn @ 7pm-9pm

Thursday, Aug 12th: Frisbee on Library Lawn  @7pm-9pm


Friday , Aug 13th: Volleyball on campus (by The Villages) @ 7-9

Saturday, Aug 14th: Movie at Cameron and Beth’s house ( 920 N. Dryden Cir) @9-11pm

Monday, Aug 16th: Board Games in North Dinning  @6pm-8pm

Tuesday, Aug 17th: Navigators Tail Gate on Campus by the village volleyball court @6pm

Thursday, Aug 19th: NavNite @7:30pm in the Student Union French Lounge (2nd floor right above Chic Fila)

Spiritual Interest Survey

New to OSU or looking for spiritual answers?

Interested in God or looking for community with believers?

Want to explore spiritual ideas with other students?

Fill our our spiritual interest survey by pressing the button below. Also, check us out on social media at the links at the bottom

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